Mythbusters PBL

Our students have been working hard on their Mythbusters project gathering data and busting or proving myths.  They will be presenting what they have discovered on December 9th.

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Picture Retakes

Missed picture day or forgot to smile?  Retakes are Friday, November 6th.

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It’s pancake time!  Wednesday, Sept 23 from 8-8:45am.  Come down and meet your students staff and teachers and have them serve you up some breakfast.  YUUUMMY!pancake breakfast

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Picture Day!

Picture day for our ELC students will be Thursday, September 24.  Say CHEESE!


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Start dates for September 2015

The ELC will be open for new registrations Tuesday, September 1st to  Friday, September 4th from 8 am – 4 pm.  We look forward to meeting our new students on our first school day, September 8th from 8:40 am – 11:00 am. Students do not need to bring school supplies on their first day:)

Have a great summer and see you in the fall!

ELC School Supply List

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Our Make it Work Day!

We shared the day with Grade 6 students from Bert Ambrose for a busy, fun filled informative day with loads of learning and technology.  The students enjoyed digital photography, built catapults, did some physical testing and calculated the results,  created a community flag, ran, danced, and enjoyed some tasty bannock.   We are not called the Energetic Learning Campus for nothing!

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Report Cards March 17, 2015

Report cards will be going home March 17th, 2015.

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Open House at NPSS

Parents, and students entering Gr 10, 11 and 12 in the 2015-2016 school year are invited to attend an Open House at NPSS on March 12th from 6:30pm-8pm.  Come meet the staff and discuss options for next year!

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Are you interested in hosting an international student?

Please see the poster below for further information about becoming a host family

hostfamily poster – Feb

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Christmas Hamper update!

The 8 Community groups at the ELC sponsored 4 single parent families this Christmas through the Women’s Resource Center.  Hampers usually include a Christmas dinner, clothes for the children, winter coats, shoes, other gifts based on the children’s interests, and groceries to carry the family a bit past the Christmas meal.

This is our 3rd year participating in such a rewarding charity for the holidays. We always seem to have a short time-frame to gather all this for the families – only two weeks – but the students sure rose to the challenge! Between all the classes, we provided supplies for 4 Christmas dinners, a “tree-full” of gifts for each family (including stockings!)  and $4,030.00 in gift cards to split between the families!

This has become an annual tradition for the ELC. It was the commitment of the teachers and students of the whole school that made it possible to sponsor these families for Christmas this season. We are so proud of our students and this is just another reason that the ELC is such a great place to work and go to school.

Xmas hamper 2014xmas hamper gift cards 2014


Merry Christmas from all of us at the ELC!



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Parent DPA/Christmas hamper

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the ELC!

It has become an annual tradition for us at the ELC to sponsor single parent families in need at Christmas time.  We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring 4 families this year!
Christmas hampers usually include a Christmas dinner, clothes for the children, winter coats, shoes, other gifts based on the children’s interest, and groceries to carry the family a bit past the Christmas meal.

We are having a Parent DPA (daily physical activity) with our students on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 10th, from 8:30 am to 9:40 am. All parents are encouraged to come and participate with our students in our morning activities.  We would like to use this parent DPA as a jump start to the Christmas hamper donations.  We are inviting all parents to bring an item/donation for the hampers when joining us Wednesday morning.  Your son or daughter will be informed of what is on each families wish list.

We look forward to seeing you!

3 on 3 hockey dodge ball with denny and gilmore april 11 2014 049oh thats funny!xmas hamper

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December PAC meeting

Please join us for our next PAC Meeting to be held on Tuesday, December 2nd at the ELC at 7 pm

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Beautiful Northern BC

Recently our Digital Photography class went on a picture taking field trip! Check out these great shots!

DP class

DP class 10

DP class 3

DP class 6

DP class 2

DP class 8

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November PAC meeting

The next NPSS/ELC PAC meeting is on Tuesday, November 4th @ 7pm in the NPSS library.

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Picture retake day

Picture retake day is on Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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NPSS/ELC PAC meeting

The NPSS/ELC PAC welcomes you to join us for the first PAC meeting of the new school year!

October 7th at 7pm in the NPSS library.

These meetings are a perfect way to stay informed for the school year

  • Meet the Principal, Mr. Randy Pauls
  • Meet other parents
  • Be informed on Grad Transitions and requirements
  • Learn how to access the new learn60 gmail accounts
  • And much, much, more!
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Pancake Breakfast for ELC parents!

We are putting on a pancake breakfast for all ELC parents!

pancake breakfast
We welcome you to join us Friday, October 3rd at 8:00 am to meet our teachers & staff and to see the school! :)

*Donations for our leadership class will be accepted

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ELC Picture day!!

Picture day at the ELC is Thursday, September 25th
Order forms have been sent home with the students.

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ELC 1st day of school information

We are please to inform you that school at the ELC will be starting on Monday, September 22nd!  School will start at 8:40 am for all grade 10 & 11 ELC students. This will be a half day, ending at 11:00 am.  Buses will be running on the shortened day schedule.

Your student will receive a package on Monday with various forms that will require a parent/guardian signature, please watch for this.  This package will also include our weekly schedule.

You will not be required to bring any school supplies for the first day, however, please see the list below for items you will need for the year.

School Supply List
– USB 8 gig or larger
– Headphones
– Scientific Calculator
– 1 three inch binder
– 1 large zipper binder
– 5-6 colored subject dividers
– zipper pouch to store supplies
– lined binder filler paper
– graphing paper for Science & Math
– erasers, highlighters, pens, pencils (pencil crayons are optional)
*French students only will need a  French-English Dictionary (or you can use a smart phone App)
**If you have a laptop or tablet you are welcome to bring it (students are responsible for their electronic devices)

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Important message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

As you will have heard, an agreement has now been reached between the BCTF and the provincial government.  As a result of this agreement, SD 60 will be returning to normal operations effective Monday, September 22nd. The first day of school will take place Monday, with all schools running their regular shortened two hour opening day schedules.  Full day instruction will begin Tuesday.

Obviously, this year’s start up is unique and there will be many questions. School bus operations will commence on Monday.

Parents of kindergarten students are invited to contact your schools to determine just when and how your students will be welcomed to kindergarten. Each school will have its own introductory routines, programs and procedures, but all kindergarten programs will be offering full day instruction by Friday, September 26th.

SD 60 does not anticipate any major changes to our school calendar. School days will not be lengthened and Christmas and Spring Break schedules will remain the same.  Semestered schools will take steps to balance their semesters to ensure all students have sufficient instruction time. No additional days will be added to the school year. Details on any changes will be made available over the next few weeks.

This has been a challenging time for everyone. We would like to express our appreciation for your ongoing patience and support. All staff look forward to welcoming back students and getting back to doing great work on behalf of your students.


Dave Sloan

Superintendent of Schools

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Job Action Update

Job Action Update

The following message is from the Superintendent of Schools, Dave Sloan.

Back to school is usually a time that everyone looks forward to with some anticipation. SD 60 staff have traditionally worked very hard to ensure that schools are ready for students the first Tuesday after Labour Day. Unfortunately, this year due, to the ongoing teacher’s strike it is unclear whether schools will be able to open as scheduled. Members of the Peace River Teachers Association are currently on strike and have served notice that they will not be reporting to work on Tuesday. Furthermore, the PRNTA has indicated that picket lines will be established at all, or most schools, and district offices from Tuesday September 2nd through Thursday September 4th. If these circumstances remain unchanged through the weekend, school principals will be unable to accommodate students on Tuesday September 2nd. No school buses will be running and parents are encouraged to make alternate arrangements for their students.

Like all of you, SD 60 staff continue to hope for a speedy resolution of the current labour dispute. Parents are encouraged to follow local media outlets  and to check the district website at for updates and further information about when schools will return to regular service. Parents may also check the province’s parent information website at for more information.

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ELC back to school information

The first day of school for all students attending the Energetic Learning Campus is scheduled for Tuesday, September 2, 2014 – 8:40 am to 10:40 am (Half Day)

 School Supply List
- USB 8 gig or larger
– Headphones
– Scientific Calculator
– 1 three inch binder
– 1 large zipper binder
– 5-6 colored subject dividers
– zipper pouch to store supplies
– lined binder filler paper
– graphing paper for Science & Math
– erasers, highlighters, pens, pencils (pencil crayons are optional)
*French students only will need a French-English Dictionary (or you can use a smart phone App)

**If you have a laptop or tablet you are welcome to bring it (students are responsible for their electronic devices)

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Report Cards

Report Cards for all ELC students will be available for pick-up at North Peace Secondary School on Wednesday, July 2nd or Thursday July 3rd, 2014 . Please contact NPSS office if you require more information. The ELC report cards not claimed by July 3rd will be distributed when the school re-opens in late August.


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A Senior Moment

A Senior Moment

 This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a group of seniors on a tour of the Energetic Learning Campus (ELC).  This group of seniors stopped at the Pomeroy Sports Centre (PSC) to get some info from the Fort St John visitor information centre. Our ELC is located in the PSC. This group is on a 3-week bus tour to Alaska.  I must say this was the best tour I have lead through the ELC. I have completed well over 50 tours of our campus during the past three years. Some of the tour groups were students, parents, educators, trustees, CEO’s, political figures, town counselors, mayors, etc… This particular tour was so great because of the senior’s ability to show their appreciation in such a sincere way. They absolutely loved the school and showed it in a way only grandparents can. They all clapped at the end, a few personally thanked me by shaking my hand or giving me a hug. One lady held my hand like she was my grandma and told me how she loved my passion. Another lady said I should go on national TV to show all of Canada our school. It really made my day!!!!

This moment rekindled in me, the value of intergenerational relationships. The North American society needs to find ways to bridge the age gap between teens and seniors. The exchange of strength and energy for wisdom and experience between these two groups is just common sense.  This is not a new concept it was the way of our ancestors.  The Industrial Revolution was when our society started to scatter families and eliminate small villages. Since that time in history the connection between families and communities has broken down. At the ELC I would love to spark this teen and senior connection next year by arranging tours in our school with the elderly in Fort St John. I would also like to set up one day each week where seniors join us during our daily physical activity (DPA) in the morning.

There are many problems that have surfaced in our society because of this intergenerational gap. Seniors and teens are prejudice towards each other. Teens see seniors as useless, weak and of no value. The respect for the elderly has been lost. Seniors view all small groups of teens as ‘gangs’ and see the need to call the police on them. The ability to trust teenagers has been lost. The absence of contact between the two groups is evident in the lack of respect they both get in society. Society needs to find ways to establish and build a relationship with these two groups. A positive relationship will allow seniors to be educated about the challenges youth face today and teens to be informed about the aging issues of the elderly.

A well-established connection that fosters positive relationships between seniors and teens can only be helpful to the people involved and society in general.

Some benefits for teens could be:

  1. -       improvement in confidence and self-esteem
  2. -       improved community responsibility and citizenship
  3. -       knowledge of the psychological and physiological aspects of aging
  4. -       create caring relationships (feel satisfied and rewarded for brightening a               senior’s life)

Some of the benefits for the seniors could be:

  1. -       relief from isolation and depression (something to look forward to)
  2. -       validation of being able to help the youth, our next generation
  3. -       receiving the joys of conversation, touch and entertainment
  4. -       receiving regular contact with another individual
  5. -       create caring relationships (feel satisfied for brightening a teenager’s life)

This morning I gained some self-esteem and confidence in what we are doing here at the ELC.  I felt very satisfied to be able to brighten this group’s day. I was also deeply rewarded with the feeling of joy through communication and the gentle touch of a senior.  I am turning 49 soon and over the past 2 years I have had very little contact with the elderly as my grandparents have passed and my parents live on the other side of the country. If a man at 49 can gain so much from this brief encounter then imagine how our teens and seniors will benefit. We need to rethink how and where we build schools and senior care homes in the future.  If we can somehow combine them, then I am sure it will make our ancestors smile.  I sincerely hope, this wise group of seniors, experience the trip of a lifetime in Alaska. Thanks you so much for coming into my life and our school!


Sheldon Steele


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Provincial EXAM Dates are on the June calendar

Make sure that you bring a calculator to the Math and Science exams!

Please follow the link below
June calendar & TPOL info. letter 2014


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